I lost over 42lbs on the program and have maintained that healthy weight ever since! – Jennifer Pollard-2012
I lost over 72lbs on the Maas Clinic weight program – I feel and look great now- thanks – Michel Def -2013
I lost over 43 lbs in 3 months – Rupee 2011


Weight loss, obesity and controlling sugars

The Maas Clinic can help you achieve a healthy body weight. We have helped clients with a range of nutritional needs, including recent mothers interested in losing that ‘extra five pounds’, athletes interested in maintaining optimal physique and clients who needed to shed larger amounts of weight in order to significantly improve their health.

The key to successful weight loss

Successful weight loss usually involves analyzing the balance of hormones within the patients. High levels of insulin, cortisol and estrogen and low levels of DHEA and testosterone and thyroid / adrenal hormones all induce serious weight gain.

Our weight loss programmes begin with a thorough scientific evaluation of your nutritional needs based on your age, gender, current weight and body type. Specific diets are prescribed for specific situations. Those patients that want to lose a small amount of weight, such as 10-20 lbs, can follow an easy programme such as the anti-candida diet or metabolic type diet.

Weight loss and healthy eating

Our practitioners work with you to develop a custom nutritional and exercise programme which taken the results of the evaluation into account, and which is appropriate for your weight loss goals and for your overall health. This is the metabolic Type diet. Are you a Slow Oxidizer, Mixed or Fast Oxidizer of fats and sugars. Our nutritional programme is reinforced by all natural supplements which are available from our online store.

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Our weight loss programme is appropriate for:

  • Persons who are interested in losing a few extra pounds
  • Athletes interested in maintaining optimal physique
  • Persons who need to lose a significant amount of weight (20-150lbs) in order to prevent serious medical complications and an early death
  • Persons who have had serious medical complications and are interested in losing weight in order to improve their overall health
  • Persons who are interested in increasing their mobility and to ease knee pains and lower back pains