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Migraine Treatment and Headache Treatment

Headaches of any sort can be disruptive to our daily lives.  They can also be an indicator of more serious health issues such as chronic stress, dehydration, fatigue or more serious diseases. Whether you have a pounding headache, migraines that make daily activities impossible or a dull reoccurring pain, the Maas Clinic can help diagnose and treat your case.

Our Migraine or Headache Treatment deals with the route cause

Because every headache is different, and may be an indicator of an underlying health complication, we create holistic treatment plans to address your specific needs. Through scientific evaluation, our team will help find the cause of your pain, and design a specialised program to alleviate it.

Our specialised staff can cleanse your body of any toxins that may be triggering headaches. We offer therapeutic massages to relieve sinus pressure, tension and reduce stress as well as a range of other related services.

Migraine and headache treatment with diet and detoxifcation

At the Maas Clinic, we work with you to implement positive lifestyle changes and create a holistic personalised diet plan.  Treatment options include detoxification programs, dietary and nutritional adjustments and other related lifestyle changes. Our nutritional programme is reinforced by all natural supplements which are available from our online store.

Migraine and Headache treatment for all ages and lifestyles

We have helped busy professionals alleviate stress headaches, influenced / designed menus and catered to, helped the old and young relieve tension, sinus headaches and various others. Let us help you!

Click here for testimonials of persons whose health has improved by our Headache and Migraine programmes. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation.

Our Migraine and Headache Treatment Programme is appropriate for:

  • Persons who suffer from recurring mild to severe headaches
  • Persons who suffer from Migraines, Tension Headaches or Pulse headaches,
  • Women suffering from menstrual headaches
  • Persons who need help creating satisfying diet substitutes to combat migraines/headaches