…allergies (sneezed in excess of 150 times a day) for years,…after 6 months of cranial and changing my diet for the better ALL symptoms left.  I feel amazing!  –  Anne (UK)


Allergy Treatment for mild or severe symptoms

Allergies can manifest themselves in a variety of ways including hives, headaches or in severe cases, anaphylactic shock.  Whether you have mild or severe symptoms, the Maas Clinic can help you identify and treat allergy symptoms.

Allergy Treatment starts with Diagnostic Testing

Through diagnostic tests to determine blood type and quality, our specialized team can identify and cleanse your body of the allergens such as foods, products, and particles that may be negatively affecting you. Using holistic solutions our dedicated staff can offer you natural remedies to replace medications that may have negative side effects.

We offer advanced diagnostic analysis, as well as a range of other related services, that give a comprehensive view of your body and its functions to give an accurate evaluation of allergy triggers and solutions in order to create the best allergy treatment that suits you.

Allergy Treatment and Diet

At the Maas Clinic, we work alongside you to create a holistic personalised diet plan to assist with your allergy treatment. We can help you implement positive lifestyle changes to ensure you have an allergy-free life.  Some of our treatment options include detoxification programs, dietary and nutritional adjustments and other related lifestyle changes. Our nutritional programme is reinforced by all-natural supplements which are available from our online store and by deliciously healthy meal plans.

Maybe you’re a ‘chocoholic’ but allergic to chocolate… Maas cafe can help. We tailor our menus and recipes to find healthy alternatives so you can continue your allergy treatment while enjoying the foods you love without the side effects of triggering an allergic reaction. We can create a meal plan and offer substitutes that make living with an allergy a less daunting task.

Click here for testimonials of persons whose health has improved by our Allergy treatment programme. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation.

Our Allergy Treatment Programme is appropriate for:

  • Persons who suffer from asthma
  • Persons who suffer from pet/mould/insect/allergies
  • Persons who suffer from hay fever (atmospheric) allergies
  • Persons who suffer from eczema, and some forms of acne.
  • Persons who need help creating satisfying diet substitutes to combat food allergies
  • Childhood allergies